Letters to the Pilot

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Musical journey


Editor in chief, if you ever get the chance to chaperone a Storm Lake High School music performance trip I would strongly advise you to do it. The sincere quality of leadership of directors Jeff Tollefson, Frank Hoskins and Carol Peterson was very rewarding to witness. Also, the chaperones, headed by Mike Hanna and Todd Erskine, put on their best qualities to make the trip a success.

Very few problems were encountered, I do recall a couple of small bumps, but they were very manageable. The growth of the students who participated in this journey was outstanding. Just a few days of new experiences helps prepare one for a lifetime of challenges The band, choir and orchestra were phenomenal. You know the phrase in sporting events where the commentator says they "stuck" that one? Well the kids stuck it not once but six times! Each group did two performances at two different sites and I got choked up at each rendition. I participated as a chaperone, in a wheelchair most of the time because of a broken leg that is stubbornly refusing to return to normalcy, and there must have been

20 different people who helped me get along during the trip. I was so proud and grateful beyond what words can express.

Additionally, literally everywhere we went, the folks who met our group of students were profoundly amazed at their quality of demeanor. They would come up to us chaperones and say, "Where are you guys from?" "These kids are unbelievably polite and likeable."

Oh, by the way, the band, choir and orchestra each placed first in their division at the competition, as I am sure you know! Fun was part of the trip as we visited several Disney parks and experienced the Atlantic Ocean beach.

Al Buckingham, proud

parent and chaperone,

Storm Lake