Letters to the Pilot

Monday, April 8, 2002

'Thanks' a bushel


A recent news story said the Iowa Farm Bureau is lobbying against local control an regulation of factory livestock production. Unfortunately, this is par for the course. We can thank this "powerful lobby" for there being very few independent livestock producers left and Iowa's countryside being the polluted corn and soybean wasteland that it is. Too many Iowans think Farm Bureau represents us family farmers when in fact it inevitably lobbies for giant agribusiness interests - fencerow-to-fencerow farming, cheap corn and no environmental regulations...

Evidently the Bureau's members at the Statehouse think that being a link in a vertically integrated supply chain spells freedom. To them, money and factory farm stench must smell better than clean Iowa air. The Farm Bureau lobby machine is a Frankenstein monster that has betrayed its membership and the foundation for economic democracy in this nation, the family farm.

George Naylor,

grain farmer,