Letters to to Pilot

Thursday, April 4, 2002

Helpers for a safe prom season

Storm Lake Senior High Prom is set for Saturday, April 13. As we prepare for After Prom 2002, we would like to thank the business community of the Storm Lake area for their continued support.

We are all aware of the tragic consequences that can occur when drugs and alcohol are involved in After Prom celebrations. The purpose of this chemical-free party is to offer our students a safe and fun environment in which to celebrate. This event, which has become an important tradition in our community, is made possible through the generous donations of our local businesses. Because of your contributions, we are able to offer great entertainment, prizes throughout the evening, and a wide variety of food to satisfy hungry appetites.

On behalf of the Storm Lake High School After Prom Committee, we would like to thank in advance all of the members of the community and the parents who have contributed to this year's After Prom. We know that through your efforts, our students will have a wonderful experience with memories to last a lifetime...memories of their high school years and a supportive, caring hometown.

We have worked hard to contact businesses to be a part of our After Prom party. If you were inadvertently missed and would like to contribute to the success of this party, please mail checks to the Storm Lake High School or call 732-8065, and we will be most happy to pick up any merchandise to be used as gifts. We couldn't do it without your support.

Randy and Dixie Johnson

2002 After Prom Chairs

Storm Lake High School