Practical Farmers of Iowa to meet on March 16 in Sac City

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Members of The Practical Farmers of Iowa, District 1, Northwest Iowa will host their annual meeting on Saturday, March 16, at 5 p.m. at the Townhouse on the square in downtown Sac City.

Everyone is welcome. There will be a Dutch treat supper to start the meeting followed by speaker Robert Karp, the executive director of PFI, along with other local farmers. They will be discussing the unique aspects of their farms.

What is a farmer to do when there is $4 dollar beans, $1.70 corn, consolidation of livestock, integration, regulation, and massive government subsidies?

Come, listen, and most of all, participate, with four district farmers discussing new ideas to get around these problems.

Dan and Colin Wilson of Paullina will explain the evolution of their farrowing systems (from pasture to Swedish system to greenhouses), while Chuck Elders of Manning will talk on aquaculture (fish farming) in Iowa raising trout and walleye.

Roger Lansink of Oldebolt will be discussing green manure and cover crops in organic agriculture, and Harlan Grau of Newell will recount working with four other farmers to operate their crop farms together.

The Practical Farmers of Iowa is a group dedicated to helping promote farming systems that are profitable, ecologically sound and good for farmers and the communities that they live in.

Colin Wilson is District 1's President, while Ken Wise of Sac City is Vice-President.