LETTER TO THE EDITOR: He will pay no taxes

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

And today I am mailing to the Sioux City office of the Internal Revenue Service my tax form, with my name, address and a black magic marker "X" through the form.

It is immoral to cooperate with this system which supports this illegal Bush Administration which is threatening the planet through so many avenues.

We bought the bombing of Afghanistan and received back quality color photos of dead children...

Northwest Iowa is a haven of Christianity. We know that the killing of children is wrong. It is evil. I'm sure my fellow Christians will agree with me when I say that one can easily surmise that the American military machine of our time is one of the great evils the world has ever encountered.

To pay taxes to support our military would be to consent to that evil, to the killing of children.

A true patriot does not hang an American flag from the porch in these dark times. Rather, he understands that the tradition of America was born of dissent and stubborn opposition to despots. This government of rich men and murderers of children and the poor was lightning quick to take advantage of the September 11 attacks: oil drilling in Alaska, taking away our rights, tax breaks for the already rich. They deserve nothing less than our firm opposition.

As is often the case, we in America again find ourselves among the fortunate few on the planet. We do not have to go overseas to fight imperialism. We are in the midst of it. All we have to do is to show it our middle finger when it comes calling, bidding our support. We do not even have to turn off the television or get up from the couch. All appropriately convenient.

This illegal Bush government wants to set the world afire with oil - to make its henchman and minions yet richer.

Just the things we know about this government constitute enough evidence for our resistance. And Bush has already taken measures to make sure there are things we will never know...

True patriotism and true Christianity are in opposition to plunder and killing and oppression.

And here it is we must start, again.

Mike Palecek,


Candidate for Congress