LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Save S.O.S. to welcome frosh

Thursday, February 28, 2002

This decision was made in the middle of last week in Anderson Auditorium on the Buena Vista campus. I personally feel that this was a poor decision on the university's part for a couple of reasons.

First, the S.O.S. group helped make the conversion from high school to college comfortable for the incoming freshmen. During the orientation days, the staff would come up with games and activities for the incoming freshmen to do in order for the students to meet new students. People began to mingle and get acquainted with one another; some even found their future roommates. For a lot of students this helped them loosen up and relax.

Secondly, I feel Buena Vista made a poor decision because the group helped incoming freshmen move in. Many students don't know where to go or what to do when they first arrive on campus. Here, the S.O.S. group would take the students' luggage to their rooms and help unload. This also made the traffic easier to manage and got cars in and out of the parking area as quickly as possible. Instead of having the students and parents carry everything in and have their vehicle sitting in the road in front of other vehicles, the staff and the student could carry the belongings in while the parents parked the car elsewhere on campus. This assistance is the main reason why I believe that Buena Vista should have kept S.O.S.

I feel that the decision of eliminating the Student Orientation Staff is a bad decision and should have been given more thought. The group did not force the university to spend extra money on them. Also, they made the orientation days more fun and gave the students a chance to be outside meeting new people, rather than sitting inside listening to information that is downright boring. I believe that the university needs to rethink this idea and bring S.O.S. back.

Brett Selk,

Storm Lake