Enron selling, but BV wind towers keep spinning

Monday, February 25, 2002

General Electric has announced its intentions to purchase Enron Wind, but major changes at the local Enron windfarm in Buena Vista County shouldn't be expected.

Enron Corp. made the announcement late Wednesday that it reached an agreement to sell the wind turbine assets of Enron Wind to the Power Systems business of General Electric Company.

The purchase includes the company's global wind turbine manufacturing and marketing operations, but does not affect windfarms owned or operated by Enron Wind. GE will continue to provide operational support for most of these facilities, according to Enron spokesman John Ambler.

"Basically the sale of the specific asset is primarily in manufacturing and marketing capabilities - those are the parts of this GE is most interested in purchasing," said Ambler.

Ambler said Enron is looking to sell Enron Wind-owned windfarms separately. But that shouldn't affect the local windfarm, which is owned by a separate partnership and not Enron Wind. Enron Wind operates and maintains the local power-generating facility. GE will continue to provide technical expertise for the wind turbines.

"GE will continue to provide technical support for (the local windfarm), and Enron's responsibility will be to operate it under contract," Ambler said.

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