Fee for driver's education program to rise this year

Monday, February 18, 2002

Members of the Alta School Board voted to increase the fee for the school district's driver's education program from $80 to $100 beginning this summer, and left open the possibility of future fee increases in order to make the program self-supportive.

The move comes as the school district is bracing for a potential 6.3 percent cut in its budget for the 2002-2003 academic year, and school board members wanted to make the driver's ed program, currently subsidized by the school, self-supportive in order to help the district continue to provide the program for Alta students.

The school board chose to increase the fees rather than let the program be operated by a private driver's education company, an option which is now being utilized in school districts such as Cedar Falls.

Many districts in Iowa have also raised their fees for driver's education past the $200 barrier, but the board decided not to initiate such a large increase for the Alta program at this time.

In other school board news, the organization accepted the bid of Gully's Lawn Care to spray the baseball, softball and football fields for 2002-2003, and learned initial screening for the high school principal position will begin this week.

The group also discussed several possibilities for the future of the school yearbook, which cost the district over $7,000 last year.

While plans for the yearbook have not been finalized, several options were discussed, including combining the elementary memory book with the yearbook and using a soft cover for the book rather than a hard cover.

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