Stage set for BV Medical Center $4.8m expansion

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Final approval has been given to plans for a major addition and renovation project at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center. Trustees met yesterday to review the plans before sending them out to bid.

Jim Ruble, lead architect on the project, said a number of contractors have already contacted him expressing interest. That can be good news for BVRMC, he said.

"It looks like it's competitive out there and contractors are still interested in this job," he said. "Obviously when there's competition you get better bids."

The architect's estimate for the project is $4.8 million. That does not include three alternatives to the base bid. Those include a public meeting room area, face brick on the existing building which is not covered by the additions, and a larger air chiller system to act as a back up for the entire facility.

Trustees have set a cap of $5.2 million for the project. Bids will be opened on March 11, and a public hearing on the bids is scheduled for March 18.

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