Grigorovich Ballet Company to give performance at Stephens Auditorium

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

The troupes first rehearsals started in August for a November 2 performance of The Nutcracker the Bolshoi Theatre. The company is comprised of 90 dancers who graduated from the best Russian Ballet schools like the Leningrad, Kiev, Perm, and Novosibirsk ballet schools, as well as the Moscow Choreography School. The dancers are all between the ages of 19 and 25, with the idea that this company is a stepping-stone for the many talented dancers before they move on to the Bolshoi. Financially self-supported, the Grigorovich Ballet Company performs Grigorovich's repertoire that features rebuilt original designs specially scaled for touring.

Spartacus is a heroic figure who outrage and bravery lead him to challenge his captors. Facing off against him is the cruel tyrant, Crassus, who displays intense evil in his every leap and step. Leading his loyal fellow slaves in a domed rebellion against legions of Roman soldiers, Spartacus, though a prisoner in chains is filled with courage and strength, never relinquishes his dream of freedom.

The ballet tells the story of an uprising of gladiators and slaves under the leadership of a young Thracian named Spartacus and their defeat by troops of the Roman commander Crassus that reflect the real events of Roman history in the first century B.C. Huge tableaux of marching battalions interweave with intimate duets, all creating strong characters delivering a stirring evening of dance.

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