FHA students raise $690 for trip to Des Moines with "help" auction

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Students in the Alta FHA organization raised $690 from a "help" auction Tuesday night, which will help pay for an education sightseeing trip to Des Moines the group will take on March 10 and 11.

The auction, which took place between halftimes of both the girls' and boys' basketball games against Newell-Fonda Tuesday evening, was the biggest fundraising event by the FHA this year, and sponsor Darlene Still said she was thrilled about the amount of money raised, and said it would allow the students to take full advantage of the many opportunities in Des Moines during the trip.

"This is going to be a great educational trip for the students, and we thought this auction would be the best way to raise money for it," Still, the advisor of the FHA for 16 years, said. "There are a lot of different educational things in Des Moines to explore, which a lot of the students haven't had a chance to see and visit. This is a great opportunity for them to do that."

The 29 juniors and seniors out of the 57-member school organization will visit a wide array of Des Moines attractions, including the historic Salisbury House, Terrace Hill, the State Capitol, the Des Moines Civic Center, the Ingersoll Dinner Theatre and have received word that they may get a chance to meet with Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack during their stay in Iowa's capital.

Still has led groups to cities such as Minneapolis and Omaha in past years, but said a trip to Des Moines made sense economically with the recent budget cutbacks within the Iowa educational system.

"We knew the school was going to see its budget reduced, and we knew there were a lot of cultural and educational things to do in Des Moines, so we decided a trip there would be best," Still said. "A lot of the students have been to the malls there, but they haven't been to places like the Ingersoll or the Salisbury House. This trip will allow them to do that."

Still said much of the credit for the Tuesday night event should go to auction chairwoman Megan Bishop, who helped put FHA members into different groups, created and posted ads around town and recruited local auctioneer Kevin Cone to host the event.

The girls being auctioned off were divided into groups of three and four, and the winning bidders will receive four hours of service from each student in exchange for their monetary contribution.

Bidders will have the students help in a variety of activities, including house cleaning, yard raking, tree planting, shoveling snow, trimming and cutting bushes and trees, other miscellaneous lawn work or community service projects.

The students will be available to work anytime until May 20.

Individual bids for each of the six groups auctioned off at the event were $70, $85, $90, $130, $135 and $180.

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