Medical Center expansion fine-tuned for open bidding

Monday, January 21, 2002

Plans are looking good for a multi-million dollar renovation and building project at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center.

The lead architect on the project, Jim Ruble of the Sioux City firm Ruble Mamura Moss Brygger Architects, presented the plans to hospital trustees, employees, campaign donors and the public throughout the day on Tuesday.

Brad Strader, director of the BVRMC Healthcare Foundation, said it was a perfect opportunity to get people up-to-date on where the long-awaited project stands.

Ruble called it a "sizable" architectural challenge - 30,000 square feet of new construction and 12,000 square feet of renovations.

During a slide presentation, he showed exterior perspectives of the project completed earlier, as well as new interior artist's conceptions of a new lobby and nurses' stations.

The project is designed to give much needed room to the growing number of services at BVRMC, but its other goal is to ensure each patient receives the best care.

One area that has been a concern has been the emergency room. The project will give much needed confidentiality to patients and family.

"To get to the ER you have to walk through the ER," Ruble said of the existing facility. "The new design allows for better circulation and separation of patient movement."

Also, functionality is a key component of the plans, with radiology located next to the women's health center. Women's health relies on the ultrasound, X-ray and bone density equipment.

Also, a connecting corridor is planned between the clinics and the medical center. "The corridor connects all services of the hospital to the two clinics east of here," Ruble said.

When construction starts, it will be in several phases over a two-year period. Construction will start at the east end, where crews will first concentrate on building the new structure to house rehab and women's health.

"Once physical therapy and the women's health center are completed, they'll go in to the existing hospital and remodel where cardiology will be," Ruble said.

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