The Great Canine get-together at Clay arena

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

The International All Breed Canine Association of America, Inc., is coming to Iowa. This all breed and rare breed organization allows all categories of dogs, including rare breeds, to compete.

Special categories also include: Spay and Neutered, Veteran dogs and dogs of special registration such as those registered with UKC, CKC, AKC, UCI etc. The IABCA allows breeders and owners to title their dogs here, stateside, without having to send the dogs over seas and subject them to health risks as well as long quarantines.

The IABCA was founded over 12 years ago. The goal, positive competition an alternative judging venue with more information available to exhibitors.

The platform is very educational for both handlers and judges. The judging of classes had 3 parts. First the handler displays or presents the dog to the judge. Second is the judge's review with a written critique. Each dog is judged solely against the standard for the breed of that dog. The last part is the competition against the class for breed representation in each of the group competitions, and finally for Best In Show.

The IABCA shows are held in accordance with the German regulations and guidelines that have been established by UCI. This is one of, if not the only venue where every dog is welcome to participate.

The camaraderie of this type of show is high. When one looks at who attends this type of show and why, the answer becomes clear once you yourself have attended. From the flexible stand point of education to the fun playful competition with super awards. From the breeders perspective, an evaluation of each of their animals allows a breeder to make an informed decision in his or her future selection for line improvement. In many cases it becomes an eye opening experience. From the handler's standpoint, the professional handler's competition is strong and a true test of skill. Junior handlers also receive a written critique on their abilities to show and present the dog to the judge. To be a junior handler one must be under the age of 18 years.

The next show will be held at the Clay County Fairgrounds in Spencer, on April 13 and 14.

The benefits of this show will be endless. From the rare breed competition, to the many titles that can be earned throughout the life of every dog. Handler and breeder education is another key benefit, along with the camaraderie and lasting friendships that develop. Here is a dog show that everyone, and their dog, may enter, attend and enjoy.

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Mail questions and request to: International All Breed and Rare Breed Dog Show, Big D's - ICCM, c/o Daryl Cooper, P.O. Box 351, Circle Pines, MN 55014