Honored citizens share the thanks

Monday, January 7, 2002

We would like to recognize some of the elves that helped us with Santa's Castle this past year. First was our handy man Mark Jackson. He did all the work on the building and helped Jason Ballou and Harold Kentigh with the mechanical restoration of the animated figures. Keith Kistenmacher painted and spruced up the railings and poles. The special displays by Burt Bonebrake, Janet Straus and Susan Stone were a wonderful addition.

The new and clean goats were done by Cathy Cranston in Jefferson. They were the season's hit. All the clothes were new thanks to Marvel Rosdale, Rose Blair, Joanne Boettcher, Jeanne Sievers, Elaine Wright, Marge Manteufel, and Dianne Hartogh. Our thanks to Varenhorst for the fabric; Jones Nursery, Hoffman's and Joyce's for the fresh greens, flocking and bows and Whelan and Bentley for fixing the gas leaks.

Bill Lanphere and the Cloughs started our season by carrying the mice displays from the warehouse. Then our grandchildren and children pitched in to carry everything else to the castle for refurbishing. Diane Hartogh and Lori Haberman decorated the big tree and Marlene Massop, Sharee Gibson and Nancy Fratzke helped with painting and decorating. Our volunteers from Newell: Shari Raveling, Marilyn Christensen and Donna Hunter did a wonderful job painting faces and tying up loose ends.

We would also like to thank our families: Lisa, Brian and Brittany Anderson; Lori, Curt, Hannah and Erin Haberman; Trent and Jean Kay; Tessa, Chris and Megan Kay; Brandon; Taryn and Sidney Kay; and our husbands for their help and putting up with us during this experience.

Thanks to the people of Storm Lake who supported us and came to see the renovation. We had visitors from four countries and Guam, 30 U.S. states and 177 cities and villages in Iowa this year at Santa's Castle.

It has been fun and we have decided to continue next year. This year it was Mary Slagle's bears, Linda's raccoons and Gwen's mice. What about next year?

If you would like to help, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 732-3780.

Gwen Bergendoff

Linda Kay

Santa's Castle,

Storm Lake