LETTER TO THE EDITOR - When thanks doesn't seem enough...

Monday, December 31, 2001

They went about their business quietly and without seeking any fanfare for their efforts.

They took on a challenging job, with the only reward being the satisfaction of knowing they had served the greater good. They met difficulties with a firm resolve to be successful and remained focused on the goal. Getting the job done was met with unforeseen roadblocks. Rather than quit, they overcame those roadblocks and moved ahead.

Saying thanks hardly seems enough. There is a phrase that goes " We are happier with what we have when it is shared with those we love." Well, this group had a lot to share. They must be very happy and have given many others an opportunity to share in the joy of giving.

Who is this group? It is a team of leaders that have strong beliefs in the quality healthcare provided by Buena Vista Regional Medical Center. Last spring, they stepped forward to lead an effort to help the medical center expand. It was easy to recruit them to be a part of the team. They knew that the cause was just and the results would be beneficial to all.

These people are Dr. Paul Barber, David Dvergsten, Grace Ivey, Rev. Henry Kuhn, Dale Carver, Deb Baschke, Becki Drahota, Darwin and Dolores Johnson, Tracee Dierenfield, Dr. Don Crouch, Walter Wilkens, Dr. Velma Boston, Dr. Rick and Kim Martin, Ron Ellefson, Jim Treat, Mary Ann Diehl, Tom Huseman, Sue and Jerry Kleymann, Steve and Kolesa Kier, and Willard and Edna Schuler. What a great team! They are leaders and will forever be a part of the growth of BVRMC. Again, saying thanks seems inadequate, but they know how grateful we are to them.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention another special member of the team. There is one who led the charge with years of experience and sound advice to offer. In his position as advisor to the capital campaign, Pastor Clarence Richardson added to his years of service to BVRMC and the community with hours of counsel provided to this author, and without which, the campaign for BVRMC would have been sorely lacking. Pastor Richardson, you truly know the joy of giving and have helped spread that joy throughout your life. Someday you can retire and settle into a calmer life, but you can do that when you get old!

Finally, there is another "team" that deserves tremendous thanks. That team is you, the readers and donors to the future of dynamic healthcare in the region. Through your generosity, BVRMC will continue it's more than fifty-year history of providing the caring service to the people in the area. You have stepped up to the plate during a time when others said it couldn't be done. We are within an eyelash of meeting the $2 million goal to help fund the expansion of BVRMC.

Excitement abounds! Thanks for being a part of the history of BVRMC and for being that example to others of the joy of giving. The year 2001 will be marked as one of great challenges, but will also be one marked with the success of helping others in their time of need. Saying "Thanks" hardly seems enough.