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New home for Gully's Lawn Care sprouts up in town

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Ron Gullickson remembers a time when a new aerator might have been a more likely occupant of his garage at his home in Alta than a Chevrolet or Dodge.

About 14 months ago, tractors, mowers, seeders, aerators and other lawn equipment for his business, Gully's Lawn Care, packed the garage adjoining his Alta home, and the machines were starting to spill out of his garage and take up room on land outside his house.

Today, Gullickson has just completed the second phase of a three-step project to help ensure he - and others with limited storage space - will be able to have room to stockpile their machines, vehicles and personal items in the future.

The entrepreneur is putting the finishing touches on Phase II, a large building which will include a business office, two heated bays in a 30 x 24-foot garage and a 50 x 24-foot room which can house cars, boats, golf carts, furniture and any other extra items which people may need to store.

Gullickson, who is also a veteran city council member, said the idea for such a project was born from the increasing amount of space that was being taken up by his machines as his business, which he started in 1989, continued to expand.

"I kept everything all at home and other small garages around town before, and I was really just running out of room," Gullickson said. "I was starting to store things on the side of my garage and house just because I didn't have the room, so I knew I needed to find someplace else to store everything."

To combat the problem, Gullickson began Phase I of a three-phase project at the corner of West Highway and West 1st Street last year, building a large 16-unit storage shed for people in and around Alta to house equipment and spare items.

After all 16 sheds became occupied by the beginning of 2001, Gullickson decided to continue with Phase II, which would be the highlight of the three-year project.

Gullickson said the two bays in the front of the building, which now house his lawn sprayers, numerous mowers, tractors and aerators, are large enough to accommodate larger vehicles for people who may want to store one for an extended period of time.

A garage door in the middle of the structure allows Gullickson to move equipment from the front of the edifice to the larger warehouse-like room in the back of the building, and he said that versatility in space is an asset not only to him but to those who want to store large or small items in his new building.

"The flexibility between spaces is pretty nice," Gullickson said. "It's nice to have the space to store things in the front, which is easily accessible, but if I need to move things to the back, I can do that. It's a nice situation to have."

Prices for storage will depend on the size of item that will be stored, and several people have already taken Gullickson up on his offer to provide space for keeping items which may be too bulky to store in a garage or small room in a house.

He is also using the newfound extra space to start a lawn mower / snowblower storage project in his warehouse.

For $35, Gullickson will store, clean and reoil lawn mowers for customers during the winter, and will do the same for snowblowers in the summer. He will likely keep them in the building's back room.

Gullickson said he was very happy with the new structure, and said it seems like the whole process has taken place in the blink of an eye.

"It's amazing to think that 14 months ago there was nothing but freshly laid cement and now there's two buildings here," Gullickson said. "It's amazing how things change so quickly."

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