THE PILOT EDITORIAL - 4-lane North Lake

Thursday, December 6, 2001

The mini-controversy has been paved over, the city council has decided to rebuild the busy North Lake Avenue thoroughfare as a four-lane instead of the three-lane version under contemplation and recommended by the city's own traffic safety team.

Having seen the three-lane system work so well for the Milwaukee-Flindt corridor, we suspect that some of the concerns would not have materialized with the wide three-lane concept. But no one can fault the city council for listening to the concerns of homeowners and businesses and being flexible enough to go with the public opinion.

After years of suffering with state inattention to this important role, what really matters is not the layout of the new street, but the fact that a new street is finally coming.

It took years, but the state is living up to its responsibility to pay for the restoration of a road that was in embarrassing and potentially dangerous condition, and the city is responding by taking over ownership, which is also as it should be.

Four lane of three lane, after the difficulties involved with construction in a business zone, the community and its visitors will be better served, and in the long haul, that is all that really matters.