New brochures to aid awareness about Alta attractions

Monday, December 3, 2001

Chamber of Commerce hopes new pamphlets will help increase knowledge about services, quality of life in city.

Members of the Alta Chamber of Commerce met last week to discuss the new promotional city brochures the organization has ordered, and decided to purchase 4,000 copies of the 8 x 10 pamphlets which will be placed in various businesses and buildings around town.

The blue and gold brochures promote many of the city's main attractions, such as the Buena Vista County Fair, the Buena Vista Racetrack, the ball diamond complex, the wooden "castle" playground and the local wind turbines, and also list many of the services the city offers, such as high-speed internet services through Altatec, a public library with internet availability and a quick-response volunteer fire department.

Chamber president Joe Aube said the new handbills would help people living inside and outside of Alta learn about the positive aspects of the city in a quick and easy-to-read format.

"I think this will really help people realize that there are a lot of good things in this town," Aube said. "We have ball diamonds, schools, parks and good businesses in this community, and some people might not know about them at all. This will let people know that there are a lot of positives here in Alta."

Jill Koch, an Alta High School graduate who now lives in Cedar Rapids, was in charge of creating the brochures, and she told chamber members the main focus of the project was to help display the high quality of life and cordial atmosphere present in the town.

"We really wanted to bring up the family feeling, because people want to be in a friendly place that welcomes others," Koch said. "We really wanted to make this an attractive brochure that conveys the friendly spirit of the town."

The brochure is also sprinkled with 23 pictures and photographs of different people and places in Alta, and Koch said the visual impact of that illustrative collage can help make the difference between a brochure that succeeds and one that does not.

"A brochure really needs to be a little commercial," Koch said. "In this day and age of people wanting things instantly, you really need to capture their attention right away. If you don't capture their attention within 10 to 15 seconds, you've probably lost them. We want the people reading these brochures to be drawn in right away, and that's where the illustrations and the pictures come in."

Each of the brochures will also contain locally-printed inserts which will display the phone numbers and names of the different businesses in town, and will provide information about the Altatec website, which also lists much of the same information.

The inserts will then be updated on a regular basis, which will allow merchants to individually publicize large sales and chamber officials to promote important news events in a timely fashion.

"When big events such as Windfest come up, we'll be able to publicize those much more effectively with the up-to-date inserts," Dr. Paul Hill said. "That way, we won't have to print new brochures every year. We will just be able to use the inserts to tell people more details about Windfest, for example, which will definitely help those individual events."

The new brochures will not be available for several more weeks, as they still need to be printed in Cedar Rapids, but Koch said that they should be very beneficial to her old hometown over the next few years.

"These should really help people get the main feel of the town and what it's like," Koch said. "They're going to help out quite a bit."

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