Sioux Central prepares to race electric cars

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Students at Sioux Central High School are starting the Sioux Central Electrathon Team.

Charter team members include Andy Demers, Jake Carlson, Jared Wittmack, Jessob Steffen, Justin Meseck, Liz Reed, Matt Madsen, Matt McKibben, Noah Adams, Phillip Simons, Robyn Daly, Will Jones and Zeb Donnell.

Right now the team is raising funds, gathering design

information and locating equipment.

The team plans to proceed into the design stage, purchasing equipment, construction and finally testing of the vehicle soon.

The ultimate goal is to enter competitive races with other schools.

The objectives for the team is to drive electrically powered vehicles with a limited electrical energy such as two car batteries. Most races last one hour and consist of how far a vehicle travels in that time.

An objective is to provide a forum where the skill and ingenuity of the students may be displayed, tested and compared.

Some of the goals of the electrathon program are to promote alternative energy to the students, teach students important skills like teamwork, leadership, time management and creativity, encourage community and school support, involve multiple disciplines, and provide a positive activity for the students.

"All electrathon participants are winners, not just those who win the race," Woelber said. "It is meant to be a very rewarding experience for all participants."

New members are welcome, and already thank those who have supported the team.

One current fundraiser are selling Sioux Central mouse pads, available from any electrathon team member.

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