1st Federal teaches Storm Lake students about credit card use

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Employees from First Federal have been teaching high school students about credit cards.

Tracee Dierenfield, vice president of loans, and Angie Launderville, customer service representative of First Federal, recently conducted a program at the Storm Lake Public High School.

Dierenfield and Launderville reached a total of 30 students in Storm Lake High School's general business and marketing classes. First Federal is using a presentation called "In Charge," from the American Bankers Education Foundation. "In Charge" provides young adults a head start on the financial facts of life.

"Today you need a credit card to rent a car or hotel room," said Donald Ogilive, ABA executive vice president. "It's important for students to understand how credit is used and how to use it wisely, especially since teens spend $84 billion a year. Early preventative education is one of the best ways to encourage the responsible use of credit."

First Federal's presentation focuses on the many aspects of credit including how to obtain it, how to manage credit once you have it, and why it's important to have a good credit record.

"First Federal is pleased to educate young adults in our community about smart credit use. It's been a pleasure meeting with the kids and discussing issues that concern them," Dierenfield said.

If you are part of a local group interested in learning more about using and managing credit, please call Dierenfield at 732-4117.