LETTER TO THE EDITOR - America is not an evil empire

Thursday, October 18, 2001

In a time when all Americans should stand together, we once again see those people who would rather see Americans tear each other apart for the ideals that we possess. I am offended that Palecek describes America as an evil empire. In war people die, but if we, as Americans, stand by and do nothing more people will die more often in terrorist attacks. If we stand by and do nothing now, then we open ourselves up to more death and destruction. American soldiers and civilians will die; there is no doubt about that. The point of fighting back is for all of the people in the world and for the future generation of humans.

My question to Palecek is why he is not waving a flag and supporting his country. I am a patriot and will always be a patriot. I believe in our country and what action it is currently taking in the war on terrorism. I believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but to make us out to be an evil empire is wrong. We did not ask to have terrorists kill thousands and destroy landmarks, but we did ask our government to defend our freedom... the terrorist organizations will not stop, unless we stop them.

So I say that all patriots should raise a glass and praise the American men and women who will bring terrorism to its knees.

Marty De Muth, Albert City