Tuesday, October 2, 2001

In Storm Lake, kids are jumping rope to collect coins, breaking open their own piggie banks, making giant flag banners to try to help in the wake of the September 1 tragedies.

It seems like patriotism comes natural for them. In fact, in seems like they have been just waiting for it.

Surprising, isn't it? It seems sometimes our society has tried everything it could to snuff out American pride.

Teachers are in trouble these days if they dare to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school - somewhere along the line, it became wrong to suggest that we are "one nation, under God..."

Our politicians close the veterans hospitals that serve the heroes who protected freedom, and instead, they debate the rights of people to burn the flag.

We have killed the patriotism even of the Olympics, putting pro players in our USA jerseys in order to get more lopsided victories. About the only place you hear the national anthem is a ball game, and nobody knows the second verse. We talk not about defending the Constitution, but amending it, for the latest fad issue.

National pride seems to come naturally to the children, no matter what we have done to prevent it. It's been alive and well, all this time, waiting to be needed.

It is good to see. The future is in better hands.