Alta Education Foundation nets $1,600 from golf, card fundraisers on Sunday

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Over 70 people showed up Sunday to participate in the first annual Alta Education Foundation golf and card fundraiser at Alta Golf and Country Club, and organizers said the event was a success.

Thirty people braved the unseasonably brisk temperatures, while over 40 people escaped the cold weather by participating in a card tournament inside the clubhouse.

Paula Radke, golf organizing chairwoman, said members of the foundation were enthusiastic about the numbers they saw at both the golf and card events.

"We were happy we had what we had, especially with the golf event," Radke said. "We were pleased, because we had to postpone it a week and then had cold weather on top of that. We're looking at this as a good start for something that we hope can continue for many more years to come."

The golf outing, which had nearly 25 couples sign up two weeks ago, saw its numbers dip a little due to the cold weather and time change, but those who played combatted the cold by sporting stocking hats, earmuffs and several layers of clothing.

Radke, who helped bring hot chocolate out to the competitors, said she was proud of those who took part.

"It was great to see so many people out there," Radke said. "I was happy to see so many came to help us out even though it wasn't as nice as we had hoped out there."

Meanwhile, a large crowd enjoyed the warmth of the clubhouse, as 13 tables were packed for a card tournament which began at 1 p.m. and lasted several hours.

Alta Superintendent Dr. Fred Maharry, a member of the organization, said the group was happy with the amount of people who showed up for the indoor tournament.

"The turnout for the cards was great," Alta Superintendent Dr. Fred Maharry said. "We're really pleased with the number of people that came out."

Maharry gave much of the credit for the success of the event to Addie Petersen, a member of the AEF who headed up the organizing committee for the card tournament, and helped attract numerous sponsors from both Alta and Storm Lake.

"Addie's such a wonderful person, and she did just an amazing job of organizing this," Maharry said. "She's really committed to helping out kids, and the way she handled this so well was just one way of showing that."

Radke said the foundation received $1,600 from participants of both tournaments, and said she was extremely thankful for everyone who helped support the group.

"I'd like to give out a really big thank-you to all of the businesses who supported us and all of the people who came out to the events," Radke said. "It really means a lot to us to see how much support we really did receive."

All proceeds from both the golf and card tournament will go towards the Alta Education Foundation, which was created to help purchase needed supplies for students of the Alta School District.

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