LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Defiant and unified

Monday, September 24, 2001

Our nation is defiantly unified. We will continue to make changes to policy, putting unity over partisanship. Assassinations of foreign leaders will no longer be excluded from our national security plan. We will expand authority for wire taps. "Racial profiling" and profiling of all kinds will be used again when it's a legitimate law enforcement tool.

We need to build a network for domestic security, starting at our borders. U.S. Customs, NSA, FBI, INS and CIA, were not designed to network effectively with each other. We need to form a new organization dedicated to networking these five agencies, charged with the duty to tighten our borders and ferret out terrorists and traitors. Airport and airplane security tightened immediately. We should arm our pilots and install secure cockpit doors.

Citizens are soldiers in freedom's war. Aboard the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, brave souls using their bare hands against knives may have saved thousands of American lives. On the other end of the weapons spectrum, we will build a missile defense system to protect us from terrorists who get control of nuclear weapons. Biological terrorism must be anticipated and defended against.

Preferential treatment and the obsession with the elevation of every third world culture to the status of our American Civilization are silenced for now and hopefully forever. We have entered a time of national sorrow and national unity. We are today and far into the future, proud to be Americans, united in a common cause to rid the world of terrorism in defense of our American Civilization.

We must remain an open society. To set up checkpoints within our borders, metal detectors in our buildings, or cower from the unknown is to grant victory to the demons of destruction. Freedom is not without risk. Freedom is precious and comes with a price. In the words of President Bush, "We are freedom's home and defender and the commitment of our fathers is now the calling of our time."

Many of our public schools suspended the prohibition of prayer in our schools by holding organized prayer services. Who complained? Our nation returns to prayer, led by our President. It's about time...

It is now time to return to the normal rhythms of our lives. Each time we suspend a financial transaction, a wedding, a ball game or a family reunion, terrorists win. Yes, we will rescue, recover and rebuild. We are horrified but we must not be terrorized. We are the beacon of freedom for the world. Perhaps our most difficult task is to sustain our efforts over time without losing our spirit and without compromising our values and our freedom. Today we are resolved. In the months and years ahead we must remain resolute.

Senator Steve King


5th District

candidate for Congress