LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Troubles and joys for palm reader at Balloon Days

Thursday, September 6, 2001

This year I was disappointed to see that not only was I not mentioned in the menu of up and coming Balloon Day events - but that most of the committee did not know I was even scheduled to be at the airport. (The first I can forgive. The second I can't.)

My husband and I spent two hours setting up and staking down my palm reading tent, only to be asked 1.) Was I supposed to be there and who told me I was? 2.) "That the grassy spot next to the blocked off runway would leave me vulnerable to a plane wing."

I was torn down as a group of customers stood waiting. Two of the customers were Sioux City TV reporters back for a second reading from last year.

I was moved behind the food stands. My potential customers, as well as the TV reporters, left for home during the process. For five hours I sat idle.

Finally, very frustrated, I asked the committee members if they would move me next to the stage where all the other entertainment was. Cheerfully they unstaked my poles. Like a white and gold star speckled balloon we sailed the tent across the airport to the other side. Happily, I can say I did well the next day!

To the committee members that helped in my time of need -Thanks folks.

P.S. - Watching 14 or more hot air balloons float into the airport was spectacular!

Annie O'Dell