Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Driving me crazy

Yikes! I now have three official drivers in the family to worry about! Meghan turned 16 on March 8 and the top priority of the day, aside from eating birthday cake and opening presents, was to turn her school permit in for a REAL license. Except that her birthday fell on a Sunday and she had to wait - not one extra day but three!

The picture on those driver's license are usually not too appealing but she took a pretty good picture.

I don't like having my picture taken but I know that I can't bow out when it comes to having a picture taken for my license. Some of those pictures have been downright horrid while some have been so good that I have been tempted, since I don't have many pictures taken of me, if I could have a 5x7 made for each of my kids. (I don't really think the DOT workers are THAT accommodating.) Don't you think we should be allowed to have a couple clothing changes and have a portfolio of photos to pick from before they just throw one on the document?

Those years that the pictures just didn't work out perhaps kept me a better driver - I really didn't want to get stopped by a policeman and have to show my license.

A new show, a kind of remake of the favorite "Candid Camera," had a gag on where a posing police officer asked many drivers to see their license and when they handed them to him, he laughed hysterically, to the point of rolling on the ground. Most of the people were not amused at his reaction, though they thought he was being serious.

It is next to impossible to lie about your age on your driver's license but how about that weight and height thing? I can tell the people at the counter that I am 5' 9" - only a small fib even though they would probably figure it out when they saw me barely clearing the counter. But it would be advantageous to me, if the number were recorded on to my license. When my kids started harassing me about being short I would merely pull out that license and tell then, "No - it says right here I'm 5'9" so I must be."

And the weight. I don't own a scale so I figure that number remains constant on my license until proven different. Maybe next time I will answer to the workers that I am "hopeful" to be at a weight below the figure that had been listed on my license for the past four years as a sort of incentive to lose weight. (Do you think those state employees would go along with that?)

Thank goodness that they don't give citations for defrauding DOT workers with such information.

Anyway, with three drivers now, and a fourth waiting in the wings for driver's training this summer (yikes! He will be able to get his permit at the end of this month! I have already told his dad HE can do the practicing with Austin - that one scares me!) I think I will need some medications to calm my nerves. The other three are all good drivers but there is still that image that they should still be that age when they were riding in my van in a car seat.