Nelson's View

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The highs and the lows

My weekend started out extremely well. I drove to Spencer to see the Christian Rock group "Third Day," in concert, a group I've only ever heard on some CDs I own. But being able to see them in concert I was almost transformed into a giddy teenage girl again about to see my favorite boy band.

I found out they were coming only a few days before the concert and didn't think I'd be able to get a ticket. With a last minute ticket I figured I'd be in the nosebleed section and need a pair of binoculars. When I got to the Events Center I headed for the bleachers in the very back but didn't see the section that was written on my ticket - oh great the section doesn't even exist, I thought. I turned around and saw there were a couple side sections. As I continued to search for my seat I got closer and closer to the stage. There must be some kind of a mistake, I never get a seat this close to the stage, I thought. Was just waiting for someone to come up to me and tell me I was sitting in their seat.

Since I was on the risers I could stand up higher than the people on the ground level seating and see above everybody's heads and wasn't squeezed between a couple people in the middle of a row so I could get up and move around. I couldn't have asked for a better arrangement. It was a great show! There were a couple opening acts that were good but when they announced they were having an intermission I couldn't stand the excitement anymore - bring the group out, I thought. Skip the intermission, dang it. When they did finally come out, I could feel the whole risers pulsing from the loud speakers.

At one point the group decided to get off the stage and play on a smaller stage they set up in the back (so all those people in the very back bleachers would have a chance to see the group up a little closer) I turned around briefly to look at the front stage only to discover here was Mark Lee - one awesome guitarist - headed towards me on the way to the back.

After not having quite enough of them while they played the main stage I ran to see them in the back as well. On the way back to the main stage, Mac (one of the lead singers) came running through the crowd and I was lucky enough to get a high five. The woman who was standing next to me (who also got a high five) looked at me and we both just grinned (and squealed) from ear to ear. I'm never washing my hand again, I thought. They played some new tunes and a few of my all time favorites. One of their songs in particular really touched me and I was in tears.

The rest of my weekend was a little more quiet. I enjoyed a movie night with a friend on Saturday night.

But then on Sunday my weekend kind of hit an all time low, my folks called to tell me they were headed up to Rochester to take my mom to the ER, she was battling a fever she'd had all week, had aches and was short of breath. She has struggled with a rare bone marrow disease since she was first diagnosed in 2002 and is currently receiving chemo. She has fluid around her lungs and heart making it hard to breath. Please keep her in your prayers.

Please keep her in your prayers.