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Thursday, March 12, 2009

On SLHS student's language test protest

From JUDY BREES / Via Internet

It sounds to me like the student is smarter than the teachers. It stands to reason that if she scored proficient as a sophomore, she would still be proficient as a senior. And it only stands to reason that an honor student would be able to speak English. She should be complimented for her ability to speak two languages, not condemned for it. She probably speaks more correct English than other local seniors. Congratulations Lori for standing up for your beliefs.

Standing up for her rights


On your story: SL student protests language tests.

The whole situation is absurd. Hasn't Lori proved herself? She has maintained a 3.9 GPA and is a member of the National Honor Society for crying out loud! It's obvious she speaks, writes and comprehends English. Why should anyone be targeted to take a test solely based on race and the ability to speak another language? It's prejudice, and such a policy should not even exist. The assistant principal making the "Rosa Parks" comment was biased and unprofessional, he needs to be reprimanded. She's not fighting because she doesn't want to take the test; she's fighting because the reason they're forcing her to take the test is unjust and discriminating. This is an incriminating and deceitful way for the school to get more funding! Lori, continue to stand up for your rights and be strong. I am so proud of you and will stand with you until the end!