County approves agreement with DOT for federal aid for project

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors signed an agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation Tuesday to receive funding available as part of the federal stimulus package. County Engineer Jon Ites told supervisors estimated funds up to $750,000 would be used for a concrete overlay project on a 1.6 mile portion of E. Milwaukee. Ites said bid letting has been set for April.

Ites says he's not sure when work will begin on the C65 right of way expansion project but says the County still needs to purchase 'Right of Way' from two property owners.

In other County news:

*Buena Vista County Environmental Health Director, Kim Johnson, reported to the Supervisors that Kuehl and Payer had presented some estimated figures of how much it would cost to provide sewer lines to the areas south of the lake and Lake Creek, however, says officials have not had time to really study the figures yet. She says she will plan to begin discussion about costs with the sanitary sewer committee members at a meeting later this month. A hearing to determine whether or not to set up a sewer district in Casino Beach is set for March 24. Johnson also presented a couple forms to the supervisors Tuesday to give them a better idea of what a time of transfer inspection might look like.

Johnson presented a report on a lakeside facility that would pass inspection. Johnson says inspections won't require that individuals meet every current code requirement as long as it is effectively treating material, has a septic tank and a drain field. Johnson said inspectors will make a list of aspects that don't meet code on a form including systems that are too close to the water table, too close to the lot line, contain only a single compartment tank or a take up the entire yard space creating no room for another system to be added if a current system goes into failure. Johnson says she feels this may cause some concern for prospective buyer if there are issues like these listed about a property, there may be some concern about whether a system might go into failure sometime in the future.

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