Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's in a name?

What is in a name? Everything. Your name is your identification, and well, sometimes, someone else's name is your identification if you are one of those "lucky" people who have your picture displayed at the post office and are known by two, three even four names.

My son was almost given the middle name Ferdinand. Don't laugh - it was my dad's middle name. He was a good German alright.

My husband was joking before Jordan was born that we should name him Ferdinand - he pulled that name from the sky not knowing that was part of my dad's name. When he blurted his name choice out and began laughing, I hit him as hard as I could in the side as we were with my dad at the time. But thankfully, my dad was hard of hearing and didn't hear the joke. My husband nearly died when I told him Ferdinand was my dad's name!

Instead of Ferdinand for a middle name, we settled on Richard - better yet, as it was my dad's first name.

When our second son was born we considered putting together the names of his other two grandpas for his middle name - Royd - a combination of Roger and Floyd but as we tossed it around we thought maybe it was a little too creative. We settled on Austin Floyd - great-grandpa Floyd died three weeks before our son was born.

Marissa was given my sister's first name - Sue and Meghan was given my middle name - Anne.

When I was little we played a lot of games like school and house. For some reason, I always chose the name "Barb" for whatever "character" I was pretending to be. I don't think I ever disliked my name but I always thought "Barb" had more pizzaz than "Lorri."

I came across a website that lists real and unusual names that parents have used.

Check these names out: Paige Turner, Marsha Mellow, Noah Zark, Ella Funt, Mary Chris Smith and Wayne Dwopp.

They continue: Barb B. Cue, Barb D. Wire, Bea Sting, Candi Dish, Eileen Left, Eileen Dover and Bell E. Flopp.

These names perhaps gave the bearers some problems in their lives: Al K. Holic, Barry Schmelly, Hedda Lettuce, Jack Pot, Kitty Litter and Igotta Gobad.

Some parents, I believe, thought they were being "cute" by selecting names that fit with their last names. Some of the names I discovered surely must have brought snickers from the people who they associated with. I wonder, if some of these people with these unusual names regretted their names or resented their parents for being too creative. Maybe they found humor and were glad for a name that people would surely remember them by.

It is a big responsibility, selecting a name for a child, something they have to live with all their lives. I wonder if Barry D. Hatchett did just that rather than argue about the name his parents selected for him.