Nelson's View

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pets at work

I recently read an article in USA Today of how some companies actually allow employees to bring their pets to work with them. Hey, what pet wouldn't want that? They actually have pet policies in their employee handbook. Instead of taking a smoking break people would be taking their dogs out for a bathroom break.

Seriously what next? People seem to think they need to cart their pets everywhere which often lands them in trouble when they don't leave the windows down in the scorching heat. I love animals but I think there's a line. Of the places I've ever worked they would frown on bringing a pet to work, course most of my part-time jobs in the past have been in the food industry. I don't have a pet myself but I can just picture what it'd be like to bring my parent's 150-pound black lab to work. Mistake!

He would lick everyone 'til they were dripping in drool, wipe out everything on the counter with a quick swipe of his tail, shed thousands of hairs everywhere and think he needed to be in my lap (yeah all 150 pounds of him) when I'm working and if there were any other form of animal he'd probably want to play. I think it would be: "Cosby, stop barking, I can't hear this person I'm interviewing on the phone"; "no Cosby give Lorri her notebook back"; "get your ball off Dana's desk, he doesn't want to play fetch."

Pets at work are an interesting trend, but who decides what animals are suitable to accompany their owner to work? Wouldn't a lot of time be wasted?

We generally don't bring our kids to work so why would we bring our pets? Could your boss fire you because your pet went too far? Try explaining that to your next prospective employer. As far as providing a stress reliever for employees - I think Cosby would probably just add to the stress.

I usually just need some fresh air when I'm stressed - typically I just have to get out of the office for a bit - away from my computer. There are definitely some businesses where I think it could work (but in this story it focused on an office setting with cubicles and carpeting) - like at a vet clinic or maybe a pet shop, where everything is already pet proof and slobber coated. Sometimes car dealerships or maintenance shops allow a pet to run around and sometimes animals are favorites for nursing homes which can be very therapeutic. I recall this lab who lives at this tire shop back home.

He's a very gentle dog and will let anyone rub his belly. I need a stress reliever for me when I take my car in for a repair and face finding out how much it's going to cost. They could definitely use more dogs in those car repair places.

Animals can be a lot of fun but even with rules and regulations (and baby gates) they don't belong in the office.