Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Letters to the Editor from Pilot Tribune readers.

Get your facts straight

From JANINE DAVIS / Storm Lake

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I just wish they would get the facts straight if they are going to make comments. My letter is in response to a recent [letter to the editor in the Pilot-Tribune.]

Tyson as a whole - with plants all over the United States and then some did not make a company-wide decision to, quoting the [letter] "permit Muslims to have Eid-al-Fitr as a holiday instead of Labor Day. Tyson Foods does not have its own union. A union is for the hourly workers only. Each plant by itself votes on whether to be a union plant or not. Those votes are by team members (hourly workers) not managment or Tyson. The Storm Lake plant is non-union. If a single union plant did make that decision - and I am not saying that it did - it is because the team members (hourly workers) at that plant voted to change it, not management or Tyson. When dealing with union plants the hourly workers vote on and define their contract, not managment.

As far as a Somalian population working here in Storm Lake, Sara Lee back in the early '90s brought in a large number of Somalians that I was introduced to through the job I held at the time.

The majority and hunting laws


Several weeks ago David Yepsen, columnist for the Des Moines Register, had a comment in his column stating that our legislators, when they have nothing better to do than sit around twiddling their thumbs, dream up some really stupid ideas. This is bearing out as truth. Rep. Dick Deardon, chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, says hunters would be pleased if the legislature passed a dove-hunting season. Rep. Richard Arnold from Russell wants to wipe out the bobcat population because they occasionally kill wild turkeys.

What part of "no" does Rep. Deardon not understand? The people of Iowa have repeatedly said they do not want a dove season. They are not overpopulated. They do not cause millions of dollars in damage every year like the DNR's deer herd. In 2007 alone there were 8,028 accidents involving deer, 468 people injured and 11 killed. In 2008 12 more people lost their lives in deer-related accidents. I can find no documented cases where anyone was ever killed or injured by doves.

Hunters only represent 5 percent of the population. Why is it these legislators only want to pass laws that benefit 5 percent of the citizenry while ignoring the 95 percent majority? I believe birdwatchers and people who feed the birds outnumber and probably outspend hunters four or five to one. We are the majority and I urge you to remember these legislators if and when they run for reelection.