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Students share projects during science fair

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Alta seventh and eighth grade students took part in the annual science fair last week; 61 projects were completed and were on display for students and parents to see.

The projects were judged and 14 projects will advance to the state science fair to be held March 27-28 at the Hilton in ames.

Students moving on to state and their projects are: Nathan Flaherty, Swishy Swashy; Jeremy Peterson, To Till or Not to Till: That is the Question; Ange Rehnstrom, Battle of the Brains; Katie Turnquist, Smelling vs. Tasting; April Hase, Peanut Power; Tyler Larson, Music, Is it in You?; Michaela McDonald, Say Cheese; Taler Stanton, Which Method of Handwashing Kills the Most Bacteria?; Kaity Brake and Olivia Heschke, Diaper Absorbency; Jorge Garza, Mitchel McDonald, Manny Murillo, Buffer Strips or No Buffer Strips; Chayce Glienke, Doggy Breath; Cristena Heschke and Ali Turnquist, Stroop Effect; Josh Larson and Jayden Van Berkum, Solar Wind and Blade Tilt on Windmills.

Other students and their projects are: Cody Anderson, Inherited Prints; Kayla Boeck, Candle Burning; Kurtis Bonnesen, Ice Insulator; Kathryn Brechwald, Catching the ZZZzzz; Luis Cardenas, Volcano; Joseph Coll, Gamers World; Vannessa Doninguez, Tap Water or Pure Water; Valarie Hernandez, Do We Run Before We Run?; Caleb Hogge, Corn + Nirogen = Yield; Courtney Langner, Store Bought vs. Professional Shampoo; Maribel Maldonado, Plant Growth; Alejandra Mendoza, Music vs. Tests; Nick Radke, Pulley Systems; Michelle Ruby, Fire vs. Fabric;

Alex Stephan, Bounty vs. Scott; Salena Titus, Energy Boost; Aspen Wiederholt, Would You Like Ice With That?

Michelle Chavez, How to Make a Freeze Inflator; Fidel De Lao, How Many Licks does it Take to Get to the Center Of a Tootsie Pop; Morgann Droegmiller, The Fast and the Furious; Kenadee Fellows, Salt vs. Sugar; Brooke Launderville, Slow Down, Speed Up; Titus Letzring, The Inconvenient Truth; Joe Napierala, Memory: Battle of the Sexes; Jay Newcomb, Toughest Towels; Christa Razo, Mag-nificent Cereal; Stephenie Robbins, Music, is it in You?; Joe Rodriguez, Foam Cups and Gas; Vanessa Rojas, Music, Jackson Rosenthal; Magnet Man, Shawn Rowell, Freezing Water; Kelsi Snyder, Under Pressure; Sam Styler, Musical Distance; Jayson Van Haaften, Memorize This!; Garrett Van Houten, Which Battery Lasts the Longest?

Rachel Arnts and Ashley Peterson, Balloon Cars; JoshBaxter, Kade Lindback, Cody Cameron, SPLAT; Laura Holmes, Bounce; Dylan Hull, Tensile Test; Cecelia Lopez, Moldy Bread; Molly McDaniel, Remember?; Jr. Molina, Basketball Bounce; Ben Wetherell, Splatitude; Tyson Kearney, What Juice Puts Out Fire; Stacey Lane and Jorge Uribe, Ice Ice Baby; Manuel Martinez, Every Breath You Take; Michael Salazar, How to Shoot a Basketball Properly; Paige Sevinski, Crabby Data.

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