Two Large Group Speech teams selected for All-State

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Alta High School Large Group Speech Teams participated in state contests Saturday, Feb. 7 at Spencer High School. Two groups were selected to perform at All-State, a sign of "outstanding." All-State is held in Ames on Feb. 21.

Here are the results of the state contests and a list of the speech students participating in each:


* Readers theatre - "Cinderella" - I Rating - Selected for All-State - Participants: Alexis Hernandez, Alyssa Turnquist, April Goslinga, Dylan Harms, Jaden Holton, Jenny Carlson, Jill Buckendahl, Kelsey Brake, Kelsey McGowan, Lindsay Hall, Maddi Meier, Mallory Hinkeldey, Neil Marshall, Rachel Husman

* Group improv - II Rating - Participants: A.J. Lange, Alexis Hernandez, Gus Coll, Nate Titus


* Choral reading - "Dating Dilemmas" - I Rating - Selected for All-State -Participants: Bekka Weber, Bridget Murillo, Chelsea Brugman, Chris Bengtson, Christian Weiland, Gabe Walsh, Jack Mills, Jared Buckendahl, Jenna Harms, Kathleen Arnts, Kelsey Barker, Meagan Phipps, Nicole Connolly, Robert Maharry, Stephanie Peterson

* Readers theatre - "The True Difference Between Guys and Gals" - II Rating - Participants: Ariel Turnquist, Austin Stille, Geneva Heschke, Hayley Randall, Holly Hinkeldey, Jared Buckendahl, Jeremy Lambert, Jessy Bibler, Jon Lietz, Anne Curbow, Luke Arnts, Mike Huseman

* Radio broadcasting - I Rating - Participants: Kaylee Strock,, Ashley Syndergaard, Jordan Larson, Kenny Bishop, Kolbie Boom, Rebecca Wetherell, Robbie Sauter, Tim Gregg

* Group improv - II Rating - Participants: Chris Bengtson, Christian Weiland, Gabe Walsh, Meagan Phipps

* Ensemble acting - "The Boy Book" - I Rating - Participants: Gaby Perez, Nikole Sivinski

* Group mime - "Alzheimer's Tip-Toed In and Stole Her Away" - I Rating - Participants: Kily Meyers, Lindsey Peterson

* Group mime - II Rating - Participants: Courtney Van Haaften, Jordan Henningsen, Lesa Turnquist

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