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On Stage

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bridal comedy in SL dinner theater

St. Mary's Junior High is presenting Dinner Theatre 2009 on Saturday, February 7. Dinner (reservations only) and pre-show entertainment will begin at 6:30, followed by the "Who Dun Stole the Bride."

The play, directed by music teacher Gayle Strom, centers around a countrified weddin' when country gal Katie Sue and classy Bill get a hankerin' to tie the knot - but not everyone jumps for joy at "the Yankees invadin' the South." Katie's clan is suspicious of Bill's snobby family from over yonder, and Bill's parents think the Eckley family isn't of their caliber. Just as they're fixin' to get hitched, Katie dun disappears! Is she a runaway bride who got cold feet? If not, then whodunit? The audience guesses up a storm. Is it wild and crazy Bob, who's secretly swooning for Katie? How 'bout Bill's too-good family? Alibis abound. In the end, the lost bride is found, unforgettable wedding vows are exchanged, and whoo-eee! A rip-roarin' good time is had by all, while Katie reminds that "judgin' each other by how we live, look or talk ain't God's way."

The Cast includes: Katie Sue Eckley-Paige Carlson, Bill Madison-Dillan Smith, Eula Eckley-Hannah Sitzmann, Jasper Eckley-Kennedy Drey, William Madison- Tyler Weber, Audrey Madison-Wendy Broich, Mary Sue Eckley-Danielle Dawson, Kimmy Sue Eckley-Amy Schwartz, Sonny Madison-Tyler DeVos, Bob Yantsey-Luke Lenhart & Reverend-Moses Yak.

Wedding Guests -Maddie Laven, Ashley Lullmann, Holly Keenan, Alex Larson, Jasmine Demers, Dimitri Iordanou, Diew Tay, Adam Chamul, Monserrat Ocegueda, Nyamuoch Duoth

Hosts/Hostesses for the event are: Yach Deng, Cole Feltner, Molly Lamouruex, Mary Rose Timko, Halie Larsen, Hannah Friesen. Servers are: Josh Scuffham, Blake Widman, Mandy Wolver, Casey Larson, Ryan Peters, Rachel Todd, Joe Kottke, Georgia Kotsiomitis. Josh Scuffham handles curtain duties.

Tickets are available at the door for the show only: Adults $3 and Students $1.