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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kick U.S.oil habit

From J. SHAW / Via Internet

resident Obama must use the 550 Billion dollars in spending to give America a "Green Economy". If the President and congress really want to help us kick our habit of foreign oil addiction and create an energy independent America they should do the following: Let's take 50 to billion dollars to put a farm of miles and miles of "high powered solar panels" in the deserts of the Western States. Let's take another 50 billion to create farms of miles and miles of "solar wind turbines" across the American midwest wind corridor that would also power our nation for generations to come.

Let's take 175 billion to create a high-speed rail system or "super fast train", as other countries have, that would connect to all fifty states just as our interstate highway system still does to this day, though it was created in the 50's. Japan has "The Shinkansen" bullet train which has transported over 7 billion passengers with no collisions or derailments in 40 years and only one fatality. Why can't we duplicate a train like this one that connects to all our major cities?

Let's also give 75 Billion to the Big 3 automakers so they can retool their manufacturing plants and start producing a new fleet of light weight, high tech, low emissions, hybrid, natural gas(trucks), and bio fuel vehicles. 10 billion for natural gas exploration and conversion so that our gas stations can be equipped to fuel our large trucks and 18 wheelers with natural gas developed from right here in America.

5 billion for clean coal technologies that would help produce a cleaner way to transform coal into clean energy. 35 Billion for the creation of 30 to 40 high tech and very safe nuclear energy plants that could power America's largest cities and bring down energy cost worldwide. 2 billion for the creation of a safe, systematic, and environmentally save way to dispose of nuclear wastes. 20 billion to transform our government buildings into clean energy facilities that could be an example to our private sector businesses across America. Let's set aside 10 billion to give to businesses as an incentive to bring back to America the hundreds of thousands of jobs we lost to foreign nations such as customer service, manufacturing, and other jobs under the Bush Administration. 1 billion for the pet-projects of congress that would create jobs. Nothing wrong with repairing the White House Mall because that would create jobs in America but let's not throw money at just any pet-project that wouldn't put Americans to work.

We also need new, more powerful and high tech electric grids that would be used to get these new forms of energy to every city, home, and business in America. Repairs to some of America's bridges and roads need to be done but the bulk of our bailout should not go to just repair bridges and roads.

That would leave billions left over to shore up these and other new projects that would create other jobs that will give America our new "Green Economy". There are already some countries with these types of technologies in place and it is now time for America to lead in these types of Green technologies. Yes we can, so let's get work!