Nelson's View

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine's Day

Well Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away believe it or not. I swear I just packed away my Christmas tree a few days ago. Where has the time gone? But then the stores start putting out the Valentine stuff the day after Christmas so for those of you who are single (like myself) not only do we have to suffer on Valentine's Day (Single's Awareness Day) but everyday leading up to it.

Valentine's Day as a kid for me was always fun. It meant decorating a box anyway you'd like in colorful paper for a Valentine's Day party and getting lots of chocolate and candy hearts. It was always fun to walk around the room and see how creative other kids got on their boxes. It also meant filling out little cards for all your classmates and always wondering whether or not you really needed to give all those cooty ridden boys a valentine (didn't want to give them any wrong ideas) or wondering how to tell that special little first crush that you liked him.

In high school Valentine's Day became tortourous to some of us girls who didn't have a boy attached at the hip. At my school they set up two or three long lunchroom tables and lay out all the flowers, teddy bears and balloons so that we could all see as we walked by on our way to class. I remember a friend of mine and I would always sneak a peek at the stuff each year and hope one year we'd see our names written on one of those giant plush teddies or vase of roses but unless our mothers sent something, thanks mom, it was usually a bummer day.

Then of course those who did get something would proudly parade through the halls and the classroom publically displaying their items. There was definitely a matter of feeling left out. I dated a guy while living in Nebraska who would with a couple of buddies buy a balloon for each girl (in their high school) who they thought weren't going to receive a special gift. I thought that was pretty special. Then my year came (senior year) and I got flowers but they weren't delivered to the school, they were delivered to my house and were personally delivered from the guy.

Since I'm single, Valentines Day is just a good time to share with my friends and not focus on the fact I'm single. And yet I can enjoy the fact that I'm single (shocking I know). I'm going to enjoy the fact that I can still have my same old crazy personal schedule and can be completely spontaneous. I can be as noisy as I want and messy and sing at the top of my lungs. Plus you don't have to fight over the TV because you want to watch the Bachelor and he wants to watch football. I plan to send out cards to all those friends I haven't talked to in a while, who knows maybe I'll get a card in return but it is my hope I brightened their day.

I vow to stop thinking "poor old pitiful me," and stop thinking I'm lonely and will probably end up an old maid. Sulking will only make the situation worse. Spend time with the needy and the downtrodden this year - do something nice for someone or go find an organization and ask them what you can do to help them.

And have confidence that one day will be your day... that guy won't send flowers to the school, he'll deliver them personally. Know that the special guy/girl is out there and Valentine's Day will only be one of many days you should show that love towards each other!