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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goodbye to a hero: Wally Pyle


/ Buena Vista County Veterans Affairs

Wallace "Wally" Pyle, age 87, passed away January 20th. Wally was a veteran who did countless hours driving for Buena Vista County Veterans Affairs. He was a volunteer driver since May 13th, 2000 and had donated at least 1500 hours. He was conscientious and very reliable. Wally drove men and women to their medical appointments at the VA hospitals in Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Iowa City, Spirit Lake, and Sioux Falls S.D. and other hospitals. Many times he spent 10-12 hours a day transporting veterans and waiting for them to be done to transport them back to Storm Lake. Without these volunteers, our veterans wouldn't get the assistance they need for medical attention.

Wally did all that and more. He honored the veterans, as he was proud to be called a Veteran himself. He will be greatly missed. Wally was truly one of the "Heroes" among us. Thank you to Wally and his family.

Supporting Scouts



/ Storm Lake Cub Scoutmasters

This is to thank everyone that came to the pancake breakfast in support of Cub Scout Packs 104 and 105. We served over 400 people this last Sunday morning, January 25. It seemed like everyone had a wonderful time.

The money that we raised will allow our local Cub Scouts to be fully funded for the various activities and recognitions that are necessary as our Scouts work towards becoming better citizens and young leaders in our community. Thank you, Cub Scouts, for doing a fine job.

There are many organizations that should be acknowledged for their efforts and/or donations. The Kiwanis Beavers cooked the pancakes and sausage and gave us invaluable advice on how to do a pancake breakfast. They donated their time and did it with a smile. They are a great community service organization.

The Knights of Columbus gave us free use of the KC Hall.

Many thanks to the Knights and to their manager, Darla Stein. Fareway, HyVee, Grand Central, Burger King and McDonalds also made donations of food. Liberty Foods footed the bill for our paper products. We are very thankful for these community-minded businesses that reduced our overhead.

A thank-you to our churches for allowing us to advertise this event in their bulletins and after their church services on Sunday. Thanks to KAYL and KKIA for allowing radio time to a couple of our Scouts, Dayne Crouch and Tristan Dunbar. And a special thank you to this newspaper for running a full-page ad the week before our event. You're great and we are grateful.