Readers Respond

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Awareness at work


/ Project Kindle

Thanks so much for your support of the Project Kindle and Speak Out HIV awareness programs. We really appreciate all you did to publicize the event held at Schaller-Crestland school in Iowa, make the readers more aware of the programs and to share my experience being involved with this amazing organization.

* For more on Project Kindle camps for children touched by AIDs, and Speak Out awareness programs, see www.projectkindle.com.

Supporting Obama


/ Iowa Congressman

Following the Inauguration of the nation's 44th President Barack Obama,

I join all Americans in wishing President Obama success as he begins his charge to lead our nation on a day where many Americans awoke with concerned thoughts but hope in their hearts. I look forward to working with our new president in a cooperative spirit that is needed by all who serve as leaders of this nation to accomplish our unified belief in a better America each day forward."