Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To live in Iowa or not

Finally - some relief from the Arctic weather! It was a lonnnggg week, wasn't it?

The extreme cold is one of the things I dislike about winter; also on that list includes the snow, the ice, the short days. (That about covers it all, doesn't it?)

Driving is so much fun in that frigid weather. It's like jumping into a freezer, sometimes with the lid down because the windshield is so frosted over you can't see, and sitting on a block of ice. I don't take the time to warm up my vehicle before I go (although I make sure my husband's and kids' vehicles are toasty for them when they get in them) so it is probably my own problem.

I have been thinking of reasons why and why not to live in Iowa in these cold months. Here's my list:


* I don't like wearing a swimsuit but I do like wearing sweaters. If I lived in a warmer climate my sweaters would have to be replaced by swimsuits.

* I would rather eat popsicles than feel like one.

* By the time you get all the clothes on to keep warm in these frigid temperatures, you can't walk anywhere so you are grounded. At my house that means just another something to stack papers on top of.

* I could spend the money elsewhere that I spend on purchasing and repurchasing ice scrapers twice a year. (Those things need to be made stronger - 4-inch ice on the windshield isn't as easy to get through as it looks.)

* Driving with that ice on the windshields is not safe and trying to see through the quarter-sized defrosted spots turns drivers into contortionists.

* Pretty sad when 9 degrees feels like a heatwave.

* There is not much daylight to even enjoy God's frozen joke.


* Putting up with a few months of cold weather is better than having to worry about hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires that are found in many other parts of this great nation.

* Packing up everything and moving on is for young people who don't have many belongings. It would take years to go through the accumulated junk we have (but what a fantastic bonfire we could have! Get out the marshmallows and hotdogs!)

* I would miss the white season (I'm almost sure of it) if I moved away to an area that has no winter.

* I am sure some people would miss ME and my complaining about the cold.

* Our roots run deep in this area of the country. It would be difficult to sever them (especially now with them frozen into the ground.)

Well, we are on the downhill slide now and winter will be over in a little over 50 days. I can survive the rest of the winter; no sense getting riled up. I am sure, though, the same thoughts will come up again next year in the midst of winter and I'll ponder again just why I live in Iowa.

Yahoo! Spring will be here soon!