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Students share 'Why American veterans should be honored' in essay contest

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Middle school sudents had the opportunity to participate in the Patriots Pen contest. Essays were written using the title, "Why America's veterans should be honored" sponsored by the VFW and auxiliary.

Cody Anderson, Morgann Droegmiller and Michaela McDonald were all local winners, Cody's essay went on to winn at the district level and is now in competition on the state level.

Here are their winning essays .

By Cody Anderson

I believe America's veterans should be honored because they have helped to keep freedom in our country. Without them we would have lost many important wars which have effected our freedom and quality of life. They have kept our country strong and full of pride.

I think they were very brave for being on the front lines of our wars and battles. Even those who were not on the front lines but served as backups were brave for helping and supporting those that were fighting on the battlefields.They are courageous for putting their lives in danger to protect our rights, freedom and quality of life. they were great soldiers because they chose to sacrifice their lives for those of us back home.

We should also honor those that were in the Navy or Air Force. They also have had dangerous tasks in battle, helping our country to defeat our many enemies. They have protected our troops fighting on the ground and our borders.

We should honor them to also understand courageous we need to be in the future to keep our country strong.

They fought to keep us safe in our own country and feel safe on our own property. They fought so we can go through life without the risk of losing our life or the lives of our family members and friends.

They risked their lives not only in war but back home as they could not support their own families or loved ones while they were gone. It would have been difficult to not get to see their loved ones for such an extended period of time. they loved their country so much they they put aside their own personal need to make a difference in our country's freedom and power.

Veterans are the bravest people in our nation. They have earned our support and should be honored for their sacrifices.

Our country has fought for freedom and will always have to. We need more brave men like those of past wars.

That is why we should honor our veterans. They risked their lives so we, Americans, could live in a better country.

By Morgann Droegmiller

For all our war troubles throughout history, we have depended on our soldiers to keep our country safe and free. They had to fight for their country, while also fighting for their lives. So, one of the reasons I think our veterans should be honored is for all their sacrifices.

Another reason I believe they should be honored is for their loyalty. They have stayed true to their country and have never backed down. I also believe they should be recognized for their love and commitments. They have stayed determined to fight for what is right. They risked everything for their love of their country.

They should be noticed more then they are now. They need to be recognized for their ability to stay strong and to look out for us with only a phone call, email or letter, once in awhile from home.

they risked their lives and sometimes didn't even sleep through the night. Friends died, and in times of emergencies, holidays were all together forgotten. They have sacrificed so much. They have kept caring and fighting through countless battles wars.

To be able to go through the terrifying and traumatic events that they have would be enough on its own. Without staying strong through it, without seeing family and without having kind, encouraging words pouring out from their homes in time of need. All of this they have done for our freedom.

To our veterans it was not enough just to have the rights we have, but also keep them. They support us day in and day out defending us by protecting every right listed in the Constitution.

We are so blessed to live in this great country. Not everyone has the wonderful rights and privileges we often take for granted.

So the next time you go to a parade or even prepare to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before your school day begins, place your hand over your heart and mean every word. Know that you can go through your days and night safely. You are protected and cared for thanks to our veterans. The least we can give back is respect and great thanks.

By Michaela McDonald

American veterans should be honored for helping our country have so many rights and freedoms. Our rights as Americans have been preserved each time brave men and women fight for us. Veterans protected our freedom of the press, freedom of speech and every other right in the Constitution.

One of the rights that my family and I enjoy is to be able to worship and pray together as Christians. I have learned that in some countries, people cannot openly practice their religion or they are persecuted for it. When I was at youth group, we learned that many countries don't have these right. It makes me very proud that our Veterans have fought for this right for us. We should honor our veterans for letting us have freedom of religion.

Also, I'm lucky to be an American, because in this country, children whose parents are unable to take care of them, can live in good foster homes or with good families. In some countries, they only have orphanages. Children in this country can have a good education and can attend college. We're able to get good jobs to provide for our families. The men and women who have given us this right to a good education should be honored.

Veterans have gone through so much for our country. Men and women all over our country have had to leave their families. Many have returned with injuries, and some have been killed and have lost being able to go back home with their families. Many of our veterans have battle scars from war and they should be honored for that.

Our country started out small with fewer rights but our military and veterans today who were and are still willing to do our country a great favor. Without veterans who have fought in the wars we wouldn't have a great country like we do. We even sing patriotic songs in their name such as the National Anthem which is "The Star Spangled Banner" and we say the Pledge of Allegiance. So, I think all veterans of our country should be honored every day, for giving opportunities and freedom, with a gold award.

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