Nelson's View

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Winter Woes

I hope you're all hanging in there (and staying warm) as winter drags on. I have a friend who lives and works in Eastern Iowa (not a native Iowan - not even a midwest native) who told me his resolution this year is to survive his second Iowa winter. Just before we headed into this year's winter he asked me how a native Iowan survives each winter. "You just do it. It's not like you have a choice," I replied. "Course not all winters are as bad as last winter was, they can vary...." Famous last words - that was before the dump truck load upon dump truck load of snow and layers upon layers of ice arrived. He'll never believe me now. Poor guy also was in the midsts of a city devastated by flooding this past summer. If he can survive flooding and two Iowa winters I think he's well on his way to becoming one of us. I failed to tell him that the "first day of winter," seen written on the calendar - means absolutely nothing in Iowa and the person who wrote the song "Winter Wonderland," was obviously not breaking his back trying to shovel out his driveway.

Believe it or not though... there are some positives to winter.

1) There are absolutely no mosquitos.

2) Just think of what great shape you'll be in after all that shoveling and trying to get it piled on top of that already overflowing mountain of snow. (if you do it correctly - otherwise you might end up with a broken back.)

3) If you can see your breath - you haven't frozen to death.

4) No matter how funny you think you look while tiptoeing to your car on an ice glazed sidewalk - no one cares because they are too worried about falling down themselves.

5) Ice fills potholes in the roads.

6) If you lose your power, your frozen foods will most likely remain frozen. If you need extra fridge space for that case of pop, heck just utilize a snow pile.

7) Scraping an ice-covered windshield makes you feel superior to all those people who wimped out and built a garage.

8) You could be mowing.

9) If you're late for something - you can always blame it on ice or snow. You have an excuse why you can't visit your Great Aunt Bertha.

10) It's perfect opportunity to cuddle up with a loved one in front of that warm fireplace or put that hot tub to good use. (Okay - so unfortunately I have neither a hot tub or fireplace but they both definitely sound nice this time of year. Hopefully it'll mean more time to spend with your family. That is if you don't drive each other all crazy first. Unfortunately for people like myself who live alone it sometimes makes you feel like you're isolated on a desert island. Thank goodness for TV.)

10) I'm thankful each time I make it back and forth to a destination, and that I have a warm place to live and work. I cannot imagine being homeless during this time of year.

Stay warm and stay safe!