GUEST EDITORIAL - Opening a new chapter

Monday, January 12, 2009

Some of us are not enjoying the fact that we will be a whole half of a century old, but there are some of us that look forward to a new chapter. Where do I fit in? I am looking forward to the changing of the decades only for the fact that with the forties came my declining eyesight, declining hearing; declining health in general. For that very reason I am embracing my fifties.

For those that struggle with the thought of becoming 50 here are some positive insights to turning the calendar from 1959 to 2009.

* At fifty we as women are able to join the elite Red Hat Society. We don red hats, toss on some purple clothing and join other women in our age group for tea and conversation. Not bad if you enjoy tea and purple compliments your eyes.

* We are closer to retirement! Oh ya, bring on those social security checks and a nice soap opera! Well maybe not, since I have a tough time sitting still on the weekends, I just am not seeing me sunk into the couch watching the drama that unfolds everyday on "Days of Our Lives." I am one that needs to keep busy and spending every waking hour trying to keep myself busy inside my home? Perhaps the retirement thing isn't one that I myself look forward to.

* If we sit and think about it, what are we crying for, it's our parents that must feel old, with having a 50 year old child! Oh yes let us toss that burden back on them!

I look at the bit of gray hair that I have found sprouting upon the top of my head and have decided that now I may proclaim that I am no longer prematurely gray.

*The face that I see in the mirror scares me sometimes, because its not who I remember looking back at a few years ago, but alas I may say that this one has been well deserved and that I have earned every wrinkle that adorns my 50 year old face.

Every birthday that we celebrate is a milestone and on a positive note, every birthday that we have is another year that we are able to enjoy on this earth. So, here is to all of those born in 1959, don't worry be happy, for you are not alone. Let us step up and rejoice together for we are 50, we now can use our age as an excuse!