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King claims Obama plan is 'bloated'

Monday, January 12, 2009

Western Iowa Congressman Steve King is not impressed with President-elect Barack Obama's economic stimulus package - which King says would create 600,000 new government jobs.

"The federal government is bloated, inefficient and spends too much of your hard-earned money. Not coincidentally, the federal government is also the largest employer in America. Now President-elect Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi want more of your hard-earned taxpayer dollars to pay for more unneeded government workers," the area's Congressman said.

"The 'stimulus' plan proposed by President-elect Obama would increase government employees by 33%. 600,000 new government jobs will only add to the waste, fraud and abuse coming out of Washington, D.C. and fail to provide a true economic stimulus. Obama pledges to create new private sector jobs, but how many will be taxpayer funded?"

King said that Japan recently faced similar economic problems to what the U.S. is going through with a struggling stock market, bank failures, credit problems and a ballooning national debt. "Japanese policymakers believed they could rescue their economy by creating new government jobs. Years and years of increased government spending, high taxes, slashed interest rates and bailouts only intensified Japan's economic recession.," King said. "Rather than follow this failed blueprint, the President-elect should look to cut taxes and reduce government spending to encourage business growth and long-term performance. A national sales tax, like the FairTax, would grow the private sector and create new, good-paying jobs which would stimulate the American manufacturing industry. The American economy needs a shot in the arm, but the answer is not a legion of new government workers."

* Editor's note: Obama said that his stimulus plan would set a goal to create three million new jobs, "more than eighty percent of them in the private sector." King's statement then assumes 20% of that total, 600,000 workers, as a projected increase in government jobs. Non-postal federal government civil employment and Wal-Mart are neck-and-neck for top employer honors, with slightly over 1.8 million workers each.

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