Nelson's View

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Years! I spent Christmas with my parents in north central Iowa while my brother and his wife spent Christmas in Oklahoma and Texas enjoying warmer temps. I'm totally jealous. Us Iowans spent the first few weeks of winter trying to find our way around all the mountains of snow and in the process not fall down on the ice.

For a while there I thought it might never stop snowing. I've already lost count of how many times I've fallen on the ice so far this winter. Maybe after a while I'll lose all feeling in my bottom so it won't hurt anymore when I fall down. I have to leave a few more minutes early so I can account for taking 500 more baby steps to get to my car so I don't fall down.

For New Year's I went to the New Year's Eve party at King's Pointe and enjoyed watching the couples dancing to good ol' rock and roll music. I got all dressed up and wore this little black dress that hangs in my closet most of the time because I never have an excuse to wear it. What better way to bring in a new year than in style? I only wished I would have had a dance partner, however, I'm not much of a dancer myself and many of those couples looked like they had been rehearsing for several months.

As I reflect on 2008... it was a year I began my reporting career here at the Pilot-Tribune. It was a year I flew in a support plane and got a chance to take some awesome photos of an air show stunt plane and the SL landscape below before the Fly Iowa show. It was the year I paid to have my photo taken with a python wrapped around my neck at the circus. I watched as troops were reunited with their loved ones, it brought tears to my eyes. I got a close up look at the role and responsibiities of a SL Police Officer as I went on an all night ride with Lt. Chris Cole. It was the year of my first Star Spangled Spectacular and ate popcorn till I was stuffed at Schaller's Popcorn Days.

I enjoyed a tiger show at the Clay County Fair and rode on a few amusement rides till I felt sick. Nemaha bid farewall to their Farmall Promenade. It was a year I learned some tae-kwon-do and took my three year old neighbor trick or treating. It was the year I saw two young lives lost in an accident practically in my backyard and another young life was forever changed by the horrific event.

What will this year hold I wonder? It's the last of a decade. I'm turning a quarter of a century old. To start the year off I'm going to learn to play the guitar. My mom loaned me her guitar and I've been attempting to teach myself but it's been going slow so I signed up for some evening classes. I have no New Year's Resolution other than to make 2009 the best I can with plenty of learning, laughter and love.