BV County makes board appointments

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Local Emergency Management Commission - Ken Hach-delegate, Dale Arends-alternate

Region III Emergency Planning Council -Arends-representative, Hach-alternate

Buena Vista E-911 Service Board - Hach-representative, Arends-alternate

Buena Vista Solid Waste Commission - Don Altena-delegate, Paul Merten-alternate

Lake Improvements Commission - Merten and Hach

Friends of Little Lake Discovery Center Board - Merten

Storm Lake Water Quality Project Advisory Committee - Rhonda Ringgenberg

3-County Empowerment Board - Ringgenberg-representative, Merten-alternate

Buena Vista Local De-Cat Board - Merten-representative, Ringgenberg-alternate

Board of Directors of the Storm Lake Area Development Corporation - Merten-representative, all other boardmembers-alternates

Board of Trustees of the SLADC Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund - Arends and Merten

Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation - Merten-delegate, all other boardmembers as alternates

ISTEA Technical Committee - Jon Ites, technical representative, Steve Wolf-alternate.

ISTEA Enhancement Committee - Merten- Board's representative, all other board members as alternates

Administrative Board of Directors of the 3rd Judicial District Department of Correctional Services - Hach-representative, Merten-alternate

NW IA Juvenile Detention Center (YES) - Hach-representative, Altena-alternate

Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center - Merten-representative, Arends-alternate

Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission for 6-yr terms - Becki Drahota, Ron Haraldson and Bill Lanphere

Regional Housing Authority - Sandy Johnson-representative

Homeward Housing Trust Fund & Northwest Iowa Regional Housing Trust Fund - Justin Yarosevich

Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc. Board - Altena-delegate, Arends-alternate

NW Iowa Planning and Development Commission - Arends-delegate, Ringgenberg-alternate and Barry Thongvanh as the non-elected at-large representative for BV County.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Board - Merten-representative, Arends-alternate

County Safety Committee (including the Right-to-Know program) - Merten with Arends as the alternate, Gary Launderville, Tom French (as Jon Ites' designee), Karen Strawn, Ron Reckamp, Steve Wolf, Norm Lund, Pam Bogue, Steve Hammen, Kim Johnson, Leigh Madsen, Diane Christiansen and Bob Christensen, with Mike Raner as Safety Coordinator.

Regional Transit Board (RIDES) - Arends-delegate, Ringgenberg-alternate

Western Iowa Tourism Council - Hach-representative, Ringgenberg-alternate

Iowa Lakes RC&D Board - Arends-representative, Altena-alternate with Phil Driver-at large representative

U.S. 20 Corridor Task Force - Lorna Burnside-representative, Arends-alternate

Gingerbread House Board - Ringgenberg-representative

DHS Service Area Advisory Board - Hach-representative

Buena Vista County Drainage Attorney - Gary Armstrong

Drainage District #181, #274, #14-42, #22, & #150 Interim Boards - Arends-delegate, Merten-alternate

Regional Investment Board (formerly Iowa Workforce Development Board-Region 5) - Arends-delegate, Altena-alternate

Region 5 Workforce Advisory Board - Ed McKenna

Buena Vista County Equal Employment Opportunity Officer - Merten

All county labor negotiations - Merten-representative, all other boardmembers as alternates.

Buena Vista County Deferred Compensation Board - Kathy Bach, Jon Ites, and Karen Strawn

Weather Committee - Jon Ites, Gary Launderville, Kim Johnson, and Hach, with Merten as an alternate

Personnel Committee (includes employee handbook updates) - members include -Jon Ites, Altena, Kathy Bach, and Karen Strawn

Courthouse/Judicial Security Committee - Gary Launderville, Steve Hammen and Hach

Buena Vista County Facilities Committee - Kathy Bach, Karen Strawn, Steve Hammen, Jon Ites and Merten

County Care Facility Committee - Merten, Arends and Hach

Board's representative for Whitney Pit Farm and South Hayes Pit Farm for leases - Merten and Jon Ites for grain sales at the South Hayes Pit

ADA Coordinator - Karen Strawn

HIPAA Compliance Committee - Pam Bogue, Dawn Mentzer and Karen Strawn.

HIPAA Security Officer - Strawn

Privacy Officer - Strawn and Hach

Lock-out/Tag-out Program Coordinator for the Courthouse, DHS Annex and E. Richland Annex - Steve Hammen

Drug and Alcohol Testing Alliance - Jon Ites as the primary contact person and Shirley Johnson as the second contact person

BV County Zoning Administrator - Kim Johnson

Planning and Zoning Commission members - Roger Peterson, Vic Hansen, Arvid Baughman, Dennis Gutz, Jim Anderson, Brian Drzycimski, Gary Sundblad

Zoning Board of Adjustment - John Massop, Greg Sundblad, Bruce Engelmann, Cynthia Smith and Bob Stoughton

Compass Point (formerly Northwest Iowa Alcohol and Drug Treatment Unit) Board - Altena and Arends

Seasons Center Board of Directors - Charlene Anderson, citizens' representative

Cherokee MHI Advisory Council - Charlene Anderson

ISAC's County Case Management Services Board - Merten

County case managers - Tami Mills-Thomas, Kara Napierala and Alicia Gatzemeyer. County CPC - Dawn Mentzer, Hach-Board representative, Merten-alternate. Family representative - Jeff Kestel, Season's Center MR Community Based Services representative - Diane Mangold, Consumer - Bryce Jepson.

Managed Care Advisor Board - MH Advocate - Charleen Anderson. Providers - Diane Mangold, Susan Irwin, Cindy Wiemold. Family Representative - Brent Mangold, Consumer - Brice Jepson. Board Rep - Merten; Hach, alternate, Case managers - Tam Mills Thomas, Kara Napierala and Alicia Gatzemeyer, CPC - Dawn Mentzer

County Medical Examiner - Dr. David Crippin.

Deputy Medical Examiners - Tim Speers, BVRMC EMT and Deputy Doug Simons and independent EMTs Greg Ebersole, Mark Kirkholm and Bob Christensen.

BV Co. Civil Service Commission - Cornelius Wabeke, Don Diehl and Brad Jones (appointed by the Co. Attorney).

Veteran's Affair's Commission - Rich Haldin, Lloyd Galbraith, Ray Kurtz, John Peters and Harold Kestel.

Local Board of Health - Dr. Scott Wulfekuhler, Jim Johnson and Peg Hinkeldey, Hach and Jon McKenna.

Weed Commissioner - Norm Lund, Dave Wiley, Assistant weed commissioner

B.V. County REAP Committee - Arends

BV County Safety Coordinator - Mike Raner

Lincoln Benefited Fire District Board of Trustees - Jim Nelson, TIm Heuton and Mark Herrig.

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