Readers Respond

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sticking to the issue


/ Storm Lake

In response to Ms. Gibson's letter to the editor:

I have debated whether or not to respond to the inconsistencies and inaccurate information in your last letter, and finally decided I do indeed want to set the record straight.

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm pretty sure I understood the "point" of your first letter perfectly well. In fact, in my last letter, I clearly stated that I would not be responding to the majority of your letter, only to one specific portion, the portion about Gabriel. I'm not sure how my stating the facts about Gabriel's passing turned into a rant on your part about racism and beliefs, but I guess that is beside the point. I will attempt to make my points clearer in this letter so that no one gets confused.

I, myself, am an educated woman, and I understand there are very different points of view. What I felt compelled to respond to in your first letter was your accusatory response to the pain of a grieving family, of the family who actually lost a child. I felt you were very misinformed regarding the events preceding Gabriel's passing, and I felt the need to respond. I have to admit that I have not spoken to the other family involved in the incident, but I feel they had an adequate opportunity to voice an opinion about the shrine during the two Board of Adjustment meetings. I believe I mentioned that in my last letter.

I still have a hard time understanding how my last letter led to a response from you about racism. I specifically stated in my first letter that I believe being for or against the shrine has nothing to do with racism. My point was that Gabriel's passing was an accident, no one was to blame, and the shrine is not meant to hurt anyone. I understand some are against the shrine being built, and those people had an opportunity to speak out against it at the meetings, but the decision has been made by the Board of Adjustment. The fact is, the shrine will be built.

Now to address what I felt was a personal attack on my "family." I don't know what you THINK you know about my family, but you are obviously mistaken. My father has never been in Storm Lake. He was an electrician for the State of Iowa in Des Moines, and passed away almost four years ago, so I find it difficult to believe he called you anything. If you were referring to my stepfather, I fail to see how his profession, beliefs, or his "history" with your family has anything at all to do with me or my letter. I would appreciate any further opinions regarding my "family" be directed to them. I would also appreciate any further comments directed at me personally be sent to me and not sent as a letter to the editor. Though I have formed my own opinion of you from previous things you have written and said, I feel there is no need to attack you publically. Please have the same respect.