Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell to 2008

he year of 2008 will be over in a few short hours. Has it been one that you will remember?

If you are like me, there are some occurrences that will always be tracked back to this year.

* 2008 was the year that I turned 49, a year away from the big 5-0. YIKES!

* 2008 was the year that we pack our bags and went on a family vacation - the first in 10 years - out east. My kids saw many of the historical sites monuments dedicated to founders of our great country that they have read about in their classes. They also saw homeless people. STUDY HARDER! GET A JOB! LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS! This was also the year the kids saw their dad moustache-less and hopefully never will again!

* 2008 was the year I had to say good-bye to the most wonderful man in my life. My dad was 90 and so awesome. I miss him dearly. As a memorial to him my sister and I purchased an electronic bugle for the legion he had been a member of for 48 years; so many people, so many veterans will be touched by this gift - at funerals, at memorial services. Thanks to the Alta VFW for giving me the idea; as I have seen them use their bugle many times.

* 2008 was the year that I put my life on the line when I agreed to go up in a stunt airplane and write a story about it. There is no way, if that plane would have gone down, that I would have remembered all the instructions given to me by the pilot on how to get my parachute to pop out.

* 2008 was my first experience as mother of a high school senior. No way! How did that happen, for goodness sakes! My kids are supposed to be toddlers and I am supposed to be young and free of gray hair.

* 2008 was the year that gas went so sky high at the pumps. It was difficult to watch the numbers spinning by so quickly as I was putting the gas in my tank.

* 2008 was another great year for catching school performances in music, speech, drama and just fun like revisiting the world of dinosaurs. I was able to go along as kids bobbed for apples and experienced building houses.

* In 2008 area school boards took on big struggles - dealing with personnel issues that caused a rifts in the community and tough issues forcing them to talk sharing of programs. No one wants to give up a school but some will have to, to keep education as top notch as possible. At such meetings, emotions fly and so do words. Mistakes aren't supposed to happen while reporting these things, but sometimes they do. And they are not easily forgotten, once the print is out there for all to see.

Apologies are in order to the Alta community and school board for misrepresenting their aim to grade share with the Aurelia school district. Proposals are in the works; details are not decided upon.

2009 is even closer now that you have made it to the bottom of this article.

Make some easy resolutions this year (cause you know they usually last only a few days) - say you're sorry when you make a mistake, forgive and move on, tell people more often you care about them and eat more chocolate than you did last year.

Farewell to 2008. Hello to 2009.