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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye event at SS office


/ Storm Lake Social Security office

Over the past 25 years, I've written quite a few letters to the editor as the manager of the Storm Lake Social Security office. This will be the last one.

After 25 years as the manager here, I am retiring on January 2nd. The office is also losing Rae Thompson, claims representative, on that same day. Rae is retiring after a 35 year career with Social Security.

Working in the Storm Lake office and the Storm Lake community has been a real honor. Social Security has been extremely fortunate to have such a highly capable and qualified staff (Rae, Char, Brian and Anita) here in Storm Lake.

The public that we serve - residents of Ida, Sac, Cherokee and Buena Vista counties - could not have asked for better service. The Storm Lake office has always been one of the top offices in the Kansas City Region.

The office is having an open house on Friday, January 2nd, from 9-4. Feel free to stop in and say goodbye to Rae and I.

I want to thank the community and the staff at the Social Security office for their support over these years. These folks have truly made my career worth while. I will never forget.

A right to speak one's mind

From SHERISE GIBSON / Storm Lake

In Response to Ms. Moral's letter to the editor:

Thank-you for responding to my letter, but I think you have missed the whole point. You focused on one thing and that is Gabriel's accident and missed the entire point I was trying to make, and that is that everyone should respect each other's rights and beliefs. We should let the readers know that our families do have a history, hence your statement "Consider the source," "I say ditto". I have been called outright by your father, to my face, in public, a Racist because we don't see eye to eye on many issues concerning diversity. I realize because of your ties to the Hispanic community you are educated in the Hispanic traditions more than the average person who was born and raised here in Storm Lake. Doesn't your father teach English as a second language? This would be a great opportunity for him to teach his adult students how to become all inclusive in our community and still retain their heritage. When he is teaching English, does he also teach them American history, culture and values?

Not once do you mention in your letter that you are willing to go and talk to the young man who had the accident and what his family is going through. Have you gone over and talked to him and his family about how he is coping? I am not apposed to the shrine being built, it is where it was built and how it offends some of the neighbors. It was about their rights also. The city tells us where we can park our cars, what we can have in our yards, when to mow, remove snow, and now we are dealing with Shrines in our yards? Where does it stop?

I am an educated woman, I have an Associate of Arts Degree, and a Bachelor's Degree and am not opposed to more education. I am willing to sit down so you can educate me and maybe a few others of my friends who agree with my views, about things you feel we are misinformed about. Can you tell me what quotes/comments you find absurd in letter? I would love to hear your point of view which ones didn't make sense? I have heard many positive responses to my last letter and many say they are glad that someone in this town has the guts to stand up and use their right to free speech.

People don't have to agree with what everyone says and thinks, but we do have to give that person their right to say them. I am not asking you to agree with anything I say. I am so glad we live in America and that you had the chance to respond to my letter. No one is asking you to agree with what was written, I am just glad that you read the letter and are now a little more educated that there ARE other ways people see things.