Mini Editorial

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maybe the sexiest isn't alive...

Show some guts, 'People'

Quick now, name the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2008. How about the Pulitzer Prize? The Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Um, not so much, huh?

But you know that Sexiest Man Alive winner, don't you? You could hardly escape that news if you tried (We did).

Hugh Jackman is the latest overhyped pick for this best known and totally ridiculous honor, which is annually presented to whatever shiny hunk is hip at the moment - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon types. It always seems to be a Hollywood guy who happens to have a big movie just coming out (dare we suggest it could be the one who's studio advertises most heartily in a certain magazine?)

Nothing against Mr. Jackman, he is handsome by any standard, and for all we know may be kind to stray kittens and old ladies crossing the street. Sexy as a term is a bit hard to define.

We toyed with the idea of naming a Sexiest Man in Storm Lake, but to be honest, we thought it might turn out to be the steel statue stick man in the Witter Gallery flower bed.

Ask around, everybody seems to have their own ideas of what is sexy.

"There are lots of sexy men out there (usually on TV). While the nice abs and perfectly chisled faces are nice - I prefer the man who helps with a sick child, helps me finish up the dishes, and doesn't require an hour to get ready to go to Home Depot," says Judy.

Nice call, that - or at least it is likely to ramp up the quality of the Christmas gift coming from old Judy's hubby.

If we must choose a star, though, People should have shown some guts and given the nod to Paul Newman. Though he passed away recently, Newman is an actor with talent that would have kicked Jackman and company's butts.

He was still thrilling audiences into his 80s - and race driving professionally at 81.

Not only was he striking to look at, an impossibly blue-eyed tough guy, no bull, gracious and graceful even in a losing battle with cancer, masculine without having to be narcissistic or pretty, Newman maintained a magical love with the same woman for over 50 years, raised a family, shunned the spotlight. Spoke with Martin Luther King Jr. to bring the races together and campaigned against nuclear weapons.

Is his bathtub, he created a salad dressing and put it in old wine bottles for his friends - it became Newman's Own line of foods, from which he gave all proceeds to charity. All of it - $250 million and counting. He took thousands of ill children to his Hole in the Wall camps (he had lost his own son way too early.)

He was a star of stars, but above all, he was a decent man. Today's "Sexiest" could learn a thing or two.

We would hope the sexiest person in your life is the one beside you, but aside from that - those who give all of themselves, to help others, should be the role models. Now that, is sexy.